1. Installing your metal or steel carport, garage or industrial building yourself? Pro-Tec Sheet Metal will provide free instructions and on site consultation (within the Lower Mainland).
  2. Engineering for our metal / steel buildings or garages is available complete with Schedule B1, B2, C.
  3. Our metal garages and steel buildings meet all snow load requirements.
  4. Our metal garages and steel buildings meet all wind requirements.
  5. Each metal or steel building and garage application comes with a roof vapour barrier to eliminate condensation on roof.

Why choose Metal Construction over Wood Construction?

  1. Metal buildings take half the time to install, therefore reducing labour time and installation costs.
  2. With metal, there is less material to handle.
  3. Metal buildings will last considerably longer than wood construction.
  4. Metal buildings can be easily disassembled and moved to a different location.